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Digital Treatments

Invisible orthodontics

Correct the bad position of your teeth with shorter treatment and faster results with digitally designed aligners.
They are aesthetic, facilitate hygiene and promote your periodontal health.
Indicated for mild treatments in which only 2 to 6 stages are needed.


Digitized Bruxism Management Plate helps reduce jaw pain, headaches, prevents tooth wear, relaxes chewing muscles, stabilizes TMJ, protects teeth and dental work (veneers, implants, crowns).


Two Digitalized Plates joined together, one upper and one lower plate for night use. With its use is achieved by reducing snoring, improves sleep patterns, headaches associated with lack of sleep.

Digital Crowns

Printed with 3D technology and state-of-the-art nano-ceramic material that brings naturalness and resistance to the restoration of your teeth.

Oral rehabilitation

Metal Free Crowns

Ceramic or zirconia crowns are used to replace missing or fractured teeth.
replace missing or fractured teeth. With them
restore esthetics and function to the teeth.

Implant Crowns

An effective solution to replace missing teeth. These crowns adapt to your dental implants, offering optimal esthetics and function.

Total Prosthesis

Tooth plates or tooth boxes:
These are devices that contain all the false teeth
teeth of a jaw. They can rest on the jaw ridge or on implants.
maxillary ridge or on implants. With the Total Prosthesis
we give back the ability to chew, nourish, smile and speak to the patients,
smile and speak to the patients.

Dental esthetics

Smile Design (With gum trimming)

Indicated for smiles that show a lot of gums
or when the height of the gums is uneven
allowing noticeable improvement in the aesthetics of the smile.

Teeth Whitening

Allows the removal of stains from the dental enamel. It is performed
2 sessions in the same appointment or at home. May cause tooth
dental sensitivity.
With tooth whitening your teeth will look clearer and your smile more
and more attractive smile.

Veneer Design

Wear a perfect smile with ceramic veneers. It is
a treatment that can be performed without wear on teeth to correct
teeth to correct shape and color of teeth. The price is
is for each tooth treated.

Dental cleaning

It is indicated when you have inflammation, bleeding gums, bad breath
gums, bad breath due to the presence of dental calculus.
dental calculus. When they are removed you can enjoy healthy gums
healthy gums and pleasant breath.
Dental cleaning is recommended every 4 months.

Complementary treatments


Root canals are performed on teeth with affected nerve (dental pulp).
with the nerve (dental pulp) affected.
It allows preserving the natural tooth.

We are here to help you achieve your best smile.

We are a different dental concept, focused on the person and supported by innovation and technology.

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